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Mix: Camella Lobo (Tropic Of Cancer) – 55 Shades Of Blue Guest Mix (October 9, 2011)

  55 Shades Of Blue - October 9, 2011: special guest Camella Lobo from Tropic of Cancer by 55shadesofblue

A continuación os pasamos un mix de la artista Camella Lobo, 50 % de la formación "Tropic Of Cancer". Concretamente el mix de Camella comienza a partir del minuto 49.Lástima que no tenga opción de descarga directa. Nos conformaremos con escucharlo.

Ricardo Donoso “The Deck Of An Ancient Ship”
Pole “Wurzel”
Sleep Over “Track 4″
Ashay “Shaytan”
Gatekeeper “Forgotten”
Alter Eagle “You Lost Your Neon Haze”
Social Climber “Palm Springs”
Andy Stott “Cherry Eye”
Camella’s Set (starts at 49 mins into the show):
Ela Orleans “Tides and Shadows”
Horrid Red “Marble Staircase Part 1 and 2″
Holystrays “Phrenesia”
Grouper “Rising Height”
Kendra Smith “Unknown”
Fennesz “July”
Primitive Motion “Certain Materials”
Crescent “Shadow”
Yves / Son / Ace “Do You Need Alibi”
Snowy Red “Baby Tonight”
Epee Du Bois “An Image”
Dylan Ettinger “Lion of Judah”
Demdike Stare “Bardo Thodol”
HTRK “Eat Your Heart 33 1/2″
Tropic of Cancer “Dive”
Blouse “Firestarter”
Deux “Decadence”
Cosmetics “Soft Skin”
Sandra Electronics “Clean Air”
Cabaret Voltaire “Diskono”
Tropic of Cancer “Be Brave”
Blank Dogs “Twenty Two”
Grave Babies “Death Wish”
Horrid Red “Foehn Winds”
The KVB “Into The Night”
Pow Wow Plus “Cool Down”
Colin Gorman Weiland “Despair and Confession”
Led Er Est “Lonesome XOXO”
Chris & Cosey “The Gates Of Ancient Cities”
Raime “This Foundry”
HTRK “Eat Yr Heart”
Sandra Electronics “New Purpose”
Tropic of Cancer “A Color”
Broadcast + Focus Group “How Do You Get Along Sir?”
Avrocar “Farwest Rider”
Broadcast + Focus Group “Familiar Shapes + Noises”
Spacemen 3 “Honey”
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Head Up High”
Circle Pit “Honey”
The Velvet Underground “I’ll Be Your Mirror”
Felt “Trails of Color Dissolve”
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